Time is a valuable currency

Effort, being closely related to time, is a valuable currency, and in a busy life it can easily be overwhelming (and impossible) to try and evenly distribute the amount of time given with your own and other’s expectations to your effort. I have often felt how the attempt alone would make me feel insufficient. It is rarely possible in a high-paced environment to reflect on what you’re doing, and why. Living in a forest somehow cuts through some of the bullshit, and one thing I recently discovered is, that making an effort at the smallest of things gives me an instant mental reward. Maybe its because keeping focus somehow filters out unnecessary inputs.

This is why I love to pickle stuff, because pickling takes time, and pickling demands an effort! And pickling builds experience as well. If you’ve made too little of a pickled thing last year, you’ll be damn sure to make more this year. What you didn’t sow you don’t reap, nature is brutally unforgiving that way. From year to year, season to season, you get to learn from your mistakes and double your successes, you get to make an effort and I really like that.

Now, take these carrots for example, they are pickled in a small batch of beach rose vinegar we made last year, and I’ll better be sure to make a lot more this year.

Carrots pickled in beach rose vinegar