The other day a friend showed me an app he had downloaded for his phone. It featured little videos of rolling flower beds, lush forests, calm water and crackling fire. The idea was that whoever had downloaded the app should spend 15 minutes each day, sitting down and watching these natural phenomena on his or her smartphone, taking advantage of their calming effect. A little easy-to-use convenient me-time, in other words, compressed so even busy urban folk with career jobs and happy families could fit it into a jam-packed calendar. Am I the only one here thinking that this is completely daft?

On the other hand, I can see why entrepreneurial app-people develop a tool like this in a time where stress therapy is a growing field of business, and many use being in nature and sitting around a campfire as therapy. And I have myself lived a life where there could be weeks between forest and beach visits (even though we actually lived really close to a beach), and months between me seeing a blaze of flames. Except of course for the fireplace film that welcomed visitors and us workers at my former workplace, one of Denmark’s largest tv production companies.In the residential neighbourhood we lived in in Copenhagen, campfires in the garden were not quite popular. And I can honestly say that one of my personal reasons for moving from the city to a forest in Sweden was that I wanted to be closer to a lit fire. Today, I use the magic of the bonfire as my own kind of therapy, and the heat and flames always make me change a gear. The same goes for my children, I can see, and in fact we have chosen to have an open fireplace as the thing we gather around in our living room, rather than a television.

I hope my story made you want to light more fires! If you feel inspired, I hope you will read on here, where I share something extremely delicious I cooked for us recently – here is my recipe for spareribs asado.

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