Recipe for lilac cordial

So you probably know elderflower cordial (lemonade) right? But did you know that if you use the exact same recipe, only replacing elderflower with lilacs, you get an awesome drink? I didn’t. But along with my son Bjørn I picked some lilac flowers and tried to make a batch of cordial, and it turned out wonderful. A sweet scent of lavender permeates through our garden right now, from the millions of lilac flowers that surround us, so I guess we’ll have plenty of lilac soda to share.

Here goes the recipe


1 kg sugar

1.2 l water

3 whole lemons in slices

30 g citric acid

35 bunches of lilac flowers


How to make it

Put the flowers, sugar, lemon slices and citric acid in a pot or container, whatever you have in your kitchen that has a lid.

Bring the water to a boil and pour it over the flowers, sugar etc.

Immediately put the lit on and set it aside in a cold place, preferably the fridge.

Let it rest (without touching it) for 48 hours.

Strain it through a cloth.

To serve, ad 1 part syrup and 3 parts water, sparkling water, and/or vodka depending on the time of day, and your mood.



– Nicolai

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