About us

We are a small content production company dedicated to the areas food, drink, and cookware. We are located in a beautiful forest in Sweden but work with clients from all over the world. Whether developing concepts, recipes, photographing, or making videos, we usually use the authenticity and simple beauty of nature as our inspiration and backdrop.

Extending our studio into the forest gives us the opportunity to create content in thread with the way we cook: as natural as possible. Natural light is always more beautiful, and sun rays are free, just like nature’s own props and spaces. This helps us keep fixed costs down so we can offer quality content at a competitive price.

We develop recipes, concepts, and create content that tell inspiring stories in written text, photography, video, or a combination. Among our clients are some of Scandinavia’s strongest brands and media.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can help make your media product flourish and communicate your message authentically.

Nicolai Tram
+45 30 48 24 78

Eva Helbæk Tram
+46 76 88 33 785

Would you like to know our personal story?

We left the city of Copenhagen to live with our family, and work here, in a forest in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. If you would like to know why we did this, we have written a few thoughts about it here.


We have had the great pleasure of working with clients such as TV2, Nordisk Film TV, Metronome Productions, FoodTV.dk, White Guide, Gastro, Politiken, Euroman, Matmagasinet Nord, Oak the Nordic Journal, White Paper, Zwilling J.A.Henkels, Staub, Carlsberg & Scandinavian Wine Academy. Here are a few cases:

For Staub we have created videos and photographs incorporating their beautiful cast iron products in natural cooking environments.

For Denmark’s leading food magazine, Gastro, we have made recipes and photographs, aiming to inspire the readers to think out of the box and using nature’s products and spaces more when cooking.

For Euroman we have created recipes and photographs, inspiring and guiding the readers to cook over fire.

For Zwilling J.A.Henckels we have shot photos and videos, giving examples on ways to use their beautiful tools in the kitchen.

The Danish national TV station TV2 wanted short videos shot “Tasty style” partly from overhead for their website and social media channels. We developed the recipes, shot, and cut the videos.

Danæg wanted a video with eggs as a natural ingredient, so we made a sauce bearnaise, which is basically quite easy but at the same time extravagant and extremely tasty.


We use nature as backdrop, work with the products and props around us, and prefer to use the sun as our primary light source when photographing for our clients. Because we believe natural light and shadows are highly desirable if you want to capture true magic.


Since we have our studio in the middle of a forest with low fixed costs and the sun as our most important light source, we are able to offer a competitive price on top-quality video content. Take a look at a couple of videos we shot in high format for IGT below - or see more under the Clients tab above.

Recipes & food styling

We can make the classics from scratch or an extraordinary feast out of the most humble ingredients. But our specialty is food cooked over an open fire.

Written text & publications

We write and edit for print and digital media, and translate from English and Swedish to Danish.